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Combining early stage investment, unique YouTube content & a focus on community & charity – we are Cryptopia

Karma NFT Collection

Explore our Karma NFT collection

A collection of 1,000 animated NFT artworks, inspired by the beautiful jungles of Guatemala

Stunning artwork, first-class utility, and a profoundly positive impact on those most in need, via The Cryptopia Foundation

NFT Utility

Offering both utility & real-life value, our NFT collection is truly blazing trails – here are just a handful of benefits you can expect from ownership:

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VC stands for venture capital – this is a form of private equity which investors provide to startup companies & small businesses which are believed to have longterm growth potential.  In the blockchain space, the vast majority of new projects require funding from a VC, like Cryptopia, in order to fulfil their roadmap.

In return, the VC and its investors as given tokens at a much reduced price vs public sale, therefore providing the opportunity to make a greater return on investment.

We operate a strict vetting process for for all projects looking for funding, to ensure our investors are well protected.  If you feel your project has what it takes to rise above the masses, please contact

We don’t offer any type of paid promotion on Cryptopia YouTube channel

All our charitable efforts are focused on helping the indigenous people of Guatemala, which is a cause very close to our hearts.  Please see our charity page for full details, including how you can get involved.

Please check out our Karma NFT page for full details on the projects, and how you can help us save lives via the Cryptopia Foundation

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Combining early-stage investment, unique YouTube content & a focus on community & charity – we are Cryptopia!

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