Karma NFTs

Explore our Karma NFT collection

A collection of 1,000 animated NFT artworks, inspired by the beautiful jungles of Guatemala

Stunning artwork, first-class utility, and a profoundly positive impact on the lives of those most in need, via The Cryptopia Foundation

NFT Utility

Offering both utility & real-life value, our NFT collection is truly blazing trails – here are just a handful of benefits you can expect from ownership:

The Cryptopia Foundation

Using crypto & blockchain technology to help develop & empower the impoverished, indigenous people of Guatemala

Medical clinic

Profits from NFT minting will pay for the complete build & setup of this life-changing facility in the remote jungles of Guatemala. Full clinic plans HERE

Investment fund

For each NFT minted, $100 will be placed into the karma investment fund, governed entirely by DAO

Cryptopia VC

Cryptopia’s community VC is a gateway to seed/private investment, allowing early access to projects which would otherwise be unattainable

Karma NFT holders benefit from significantly increased personal deal allocations, exclusive projects and reduced pool fees

Click HERE for more details on our VC



1,000 unit collection – each rarity will have unique animated artwork additional utility & hidden benefits

Prices & minting

Our NFT collection is truly blazing trails – here are the details on price and hot to mint

Combining early-stage investment, unique YouTube content & a focus on community & charity – we are Cryptopia!

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